Festival Cultures: New Ways to Study Networks, Circulation & Canon Production―20th NECS Graduate Workshop

Potsdam, Germany (14.-15.2.2023), 1. November 2022.

The 20th NECS Graduate Workshop 2023: Call for Papers


Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network―The NECS 2022 Conference

Bucharest, 22.-26. June 2022

The NECS 2022 Conference―Hosted by the National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest.


Private and Public Mediated Knowledge―19th NECS Graduate Workshop

Bucharest, 22. June 2022.

The 19th NECS Graduate Workshop―Hosted by the National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest.


Transitions: Moving Images and Bodies―The NECS 2021 Conference

ONLINE, 7.-13. June 2021

The NECS 2021 Conference (Online). – Hosted by the University of Palermo.


Migration as Method: Media, Circulation, and Knowledge Production―18th NECS Graduate Workshop

Palermo, Italy, 17. June 2020.

-  This 2020 Workshop was cancelled. -


Structures and Voices: Storytelling in Post-Digital Times―The NECS 2019 Conference

Gdańsk, Poland, 13.-15. June 2019

The NECS 2019 Conference. – Hosted by the University of Gdańsk (Poland).