01. What do I get from NECS?

As a registered member you have access to 

  • • a daily updated information service online (cfps, job ads, conference announcements etc.) as well as to
  • • a large bibliographic database with literature from our fields of study
  • • our annual conference (no conference fee!)
  • • a database of NECS scholars and workgroups, whom you can also contact through our platform
  • NECSUS, the peer-reviewed open access online journal (founded by NECS!) Find the journal here: http://www.necsus-ejms.org/

Annual NECS membership is only 20€ for students, 35€ for post-docs and 50€ for full professors (per calendar year). Please be aware that when registering in 2018 you pay for 2018, even if you pay in the second half of the year!). We thus advise to pay your fee early in the year, so you have access for the full time!

So far there has never been a NECS conference fee. However, it is obligatory for anyone taking part in the conference, to be a registered NECS-member and to have paid the membership fee for the respective year.

Please note that NECS is non-profit and that all committee work is done on a strictly voluntary basis. Your contributions help us keep the system running and have also been used to support NECSUS and our conferences.

HoMER-cooperation: Conference candidates, who handed in papers for HoMER-panels, ought to become NECS-members and pay their fees as soon as they hear of their proposal's acceptance.

02. How does all this work?

Three tips for beginners

1.The NECS online portal is composed of two sections. The outer area features some basic information about NECS and some text teasers concerning information that is posted within the platform. Only registered members have access to the inner area of the website, consisting of the following sections: "resources" (a large, searchable database of bibliographic references), "community" (searchable database of other NECS members), "forum", "news" (announcements, CfPs and job ads) and "work groups". You can find all information about your subscription/membership via "my profile" after logging in.

2. In case you want to know more about individual NECS members, browse the member listing in the "community" section or use the "search"-function to find persons you already know by name. You can enter each profile by clicking on the image (or its placeholder). You may also use the profile to contact a member by filling out the "send a message to..."-form. 

3. Concerning the "news" and "references" provided on our platform: Please feel welcome to inform us about any new books or articles, upcoming conferences etc by sending an email to referencesATnecs.org

03. How to register?

Click "register" on top of the page. Welcome to NECS! Finally, do not forget to upload a photo! You can do this later as well by going to "my profile".

04. Why upload a picture?

It is very easy and it helps people knowing who you are when meeting you at a conference - so please take the time to complete your profile by uploading a picture in the "my profile" area.

05. How to establish a workgroup, how to join an existing one, and how to leave?

Log in with your name and password, go to "work groups". Choose a work group which fits to your interests, press "join work group" button. The work group leader then is informed about your interest to join the group and has to activate your account. After this has happened, you may "enter the work group" any time and you may also post a message visible to the other work group members. Once you posted a message, all other members will be notified via email (including a quotation of your posting).

Please contact the workgroup leader if you want to leave the group, s/he can delete your subscription.

You can change and add more than one workgroup leader, press "change workgroup leader".

According to our administrative system's requirements a workgroup can only be led by one person. Please indicate in the workgroup-text if workgroup organisation is a joint effort of several people.

06. How to pay the membership fee?

Please do in any case LOG IN and FILL IN the PAYMENT ORDER FORM!

For last-minute conference submissions (please read): 

Submission is only possible with a valid NECS user registration and payment. Submissions can and will only be accepted via the submission form. Please do not write to the organizers without having read and tried the following:

After January the 27th, choosing PayPal for payment is your only option to receive a valid membership on time for a submission. Bank transfer takes up to a week - as the cfp communicated - so it will not work for you now.
You can also use PayPal with credit card (if you have not used PayPal before), but avoid "eCheck" in the process, this would again take longer!

If you already paid via bank transfer, we can add another year of membership to your account, should you pay again via PayPal. 


Usual payment procedure

Please do in any case LOG IN and FILL IN the PAYMENT ORDER FORM  - before you pay!

You may pay by PayPal or by bank transfer:

1. PAYPAL is available for payment after having registeredvia www.necs.org . This is the easiest way to pay your annual membership fee and it is also the only option that grants you immediate access after payment. Log in, go to "my profile" and find your payment information there. Please fill out the respective payment information form as detailed as possible! (If your profile says your membership "will never expire", please read further down below in the FAQ /point 3., because this is a rare bug in the system!).

At the 2016 general meeting we decided on a slight raise of our fees (new fees: student: 20€, post-doc: 35€, professors: 50€). 

The post-doc fee applies to anyone with a doctoral degree and without a full professorship (also: retired full professors).
In cases of very limited income or benefits, users can choose the student fee (please inform us via mailATnecs.org). 

Student/Postdoc-status proof

Please send a copy of your student-ID to supportATnecs.org or a link to your professional profile (department website or else) to prove your post-doc-status. In case you have neither, just explain your status to us via email.

Membership duration

Membership (including conference and website access) is always granted for the current calendar year, so we strongly recommend renewing your membership in January to get access to our services for a whole year.

If, by accident, you register as a member in late November or December, we offer to manually validate your membership for the next year. However, you need to inform us about this via supportATnecs.org - otherwise we simply may not notice.

You can also pay via PayPal without a PayPal account, as "PayPal guest" - please choose PayPal and then click on "Don't have a PayPal account" - there you can enter your debit or credit card's details.

2. If PayPal is not an option for you, please use the bank transfer option as indicated, but first log in and please fill out the respective payment information form completely (choose "payment method: bank account")! We need you to fill in this information so our system can process it correctly and so we can identify your payment when checking our bank account. Please do not forget to actually make your payment after having filled in the forms, otherwise your payment will be considered "abandoned" after a few weeks. NECS does not withdraw the money from your account, you need to transfer it yourself, to:

NECS - European Network for Cinema and Media Studies
Postbank Berlin
BLZ 100 100 10
Konto 29615102

IBAN: DE72100100100029615102

From 02/2014 on, please use only IBAN/BIC.

Depending on where your bank is located, it may take up to 7 days until your money arrives and your payment can be confirmed. Only when your payment has been confirmed, your account will be activated. You will receive a confirmation notification via email. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please take a look into your spam-folder, it may have ended up there!


3. Be aware of the following BUG:

Some users have reported they cannot make a payment, and their profile tells them their membership will never expire yet they do not have access to all sections of the page. This is a rare problem that has occurred due to insufficient data migration from the old to the new page and it seems that the easiest way to solve it, is to delete the old account and register anew. If you experienced this problem, please contact supportATnecs.org  With your consent we will delete your old account asap (if there is any profile information you'd like to copy and save beforehand, please make sure to do so) and notify you when you can register again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

07. PROBLEMS: I cannot access the member's section. Why?

Because you have not registered yet? See above. Or because you have deactivated your cookies? See above. Or did you possibly forget to log in?

08. I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve the password?

Please use the new password retrieval function. Afterwards, go to ´my profile´ and change your password. Please do not in any case establish a second account. Should the password retrieval not work, please contact supportATnecs.org

09. Why is the website inaccessible from my computer?

We have reconfigured the server so that there shouldn´t be any problems accessing the portal. However, in case you still cannot access the website, please check if you have activated your cookies in your browser settings? This is absolutely necessary. In case you use Internet Explorer you have to change your "privacy" settings ("lowest") because cookies otherwise are obviously not accepted.

The following are very rare cases: A problem might occur in case you use a firewall. Check with the firewall settings. It still does not work? Please contact supportATnecs.org

10. I registered and payed my membership fee, why can I not enter the submission form?

Please consider that your account will only be activated AFTER payment transaction. If you chose PayPal, it works immediately. If you chose bank transfer, this might take up to 7 working days. Please be patient and try again.

11. I submitted a proposal for the conference, do I get a confirmation email?

Yes, a confirmation email will be sent to the address that you used to register with NECS (not the one you used in the submission form). Please double check all your old and new email addresses and update your profile regularly.


12. How to end my membership?

Please be aware that, according to our statutes (§6) you need to resign to end your membership. You can send your resignation via email to supportATnecs.org - just use "resignation + your name" as subject line and ask for your data to be deleted.

13. More questions?

If your question was not answered here, you can write to us.

For questions regarding your payment, please contact supportATnecs.org

CfPs and other announcements you can send to referencesATnecs.org

Please be patient. All work for NECS is being done on a strictly voluntary, non-paid basis. Email correspondence occupies a lot of our time, so please do only write to us, if you have a persisting problem that you cannot solve yourself. Thanks a lot!