Workgroup: Cinema and Social Issues

Cinema and Social Issues

led by Karolina KosiƄska, Ewa Fiuk

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last active on 02-02-2023

This workgroup is intended to bring together scholars interested in cinema/film dealing with social issues:

  • social realism and other conventions of social cinema;
  • strategies of presenting and expressing social issues on the screen(s);
  • tension between the societies/communities and its cinematic images;
  • social identity of cinema;
  • ideological potential of narrative strategies;
  • social determinants in cinema production culture;
  • transnational aspect of social cinema;
  • local and global impact of cinematic representations of social issues
  • migrant, postmigrant and transmigrant cinema(s);
  • transcultural/transnational structures in contemporary cinema: narratives, aesthetics, plots, production conditions, distribution, reception
  • film as migrating art

Through this work group we intend to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning our research, and also to organise sessions and seminars.

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